Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Year of Mail Art - July + August

In June I started my one year of sending mail art to four recipients. Each month is themed and there are two ongoing puzzles, one image based and one word based.  The word puzzle is an arrangement of the letters on the back of each envelope, it will take all twelve envelopes to decode. They get two of the twenty-four pieces of the large picture each month as well.  Other items include little drawings, photos, poems, lists, etc.

July's theme was "Travel" and August's was "Daydreams". For July's envelopes I collaged pieces of an vintage-looking map and for August's I used the fabric envelopes that I silkscreen and stitched them shut. I just sent out September's mail art today and I'll share those next month. To see June's mail art, see this blog post.

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