Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moved and Settled

I'm finally moved and settled! Seven days ago I arrived in Montreal and moved into my sister's place, which seriously reduced the amount of usual moving stress and worry. She already has everything! 

I'm living on a busy street, conveniently very close to a Metro station, which conveniently has a photobooth! YES, I'M LESS THAN A ONE MINUTE WALK FROM A PHOTOBOOTH. This will significantly improve the quality of life.

Here's a photo taken from the balcony, that bump on the horizon is Mont Royal.

My schedule has been quite upside down for two weeks now, so I'm really looking forward to getting back into a routine. It took me a full week to sort, pack and store all my belongings at my parents' house. I thoroughly went through all my possessions, made an inventory list and thoughtfully packed the things that I'm keeping but don't immediately need.

I gave away, threw out and recycled 25 large garbage bags worth of stuff! Who knew I had that much non-essential stuff?

While going through my belongings, I found so many funny, accidental collections. It seems that I've been gathering little things over the years, not knowing how many of them I actually had until taking this big inventory. For example, I apparently really liked wood grain MacTac for collages, as I had about 6 different "wood finishes." I also had a lot of vintage wallpaper samples, here are just the gold coloured ones. I didn't keep these things, but I did keep this accidental collection of vintage Canadian buttons. 

I have seriously slimmed down my life's possessions and feel much lighter and freer. And for the time being, I also feel repelled from amassing too many more things... we'll see how long this lasts for.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fonts and Type

Things are in flux! I'm moving to Montreal in just nine days and have been a busy bee getting ready. Presently, I'm in Edmonton, packing up my childhood bedroom and cataloging all my personal belongings, which is no small feat!

On my list of things to do before the move was to take some self-portraits and pictures of my studio space for Uppercase's Work/Life 3 book, which will be out in August. Here's a little peek into those, these two won't likely be in the book.