Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Improv Art at 10th Anniversary of ViiF

I was in Vancouver from Sept. 29 to Oct.3 for the Vancouver International Improv Festival, hosted by Instant Theatre (a.k.a. Alistair Cook). Alistair invited me to the festival to make and sell improv art and also allowed me to sell Go Eat Some Poison merchandise. The art making was a little trickier this time than in Edmonton because I needed to bring all my supplies with me. Planning and improv aren't best friends. However I was able to take twice as much time to make the art during the shows and so overall I was much happier with the quality of my work.

I also designed the ViiF t-shirts, which I will post photos of later with some other recent t-shirt designs. The first photo here is from the first day of the festival, before the board filled-up and it was taken by Alistair. The second photo was taken later in the festival once my studio space had become messy, it was taken by Stefana Fratila.