Sunday, May 27, 2012

International Photobooth Convention Recap


A lot has happened in the two week hiatus I took from blogging. I’ve hardly a moment’s rest since I left on the first leg of my photobooth expedition on May 16. I landed in Los Angeles and was greeted by my old friend from Edmonton, Kory, who arrived a couple hours before me.  We were picked up by our amazing host, Corbin, who welcomed us with open arms to his home which is referred to as Hotel Guacamole.  Corbin took a couple days to show us around LA and then the convention took off.

I made a whole bunch of new friends, some of whom I didn’t know of before and others who I had been communicating with online for years. Before that weekend I had only met one other “photobooth enthusiast” in person, so it was really exciting to finally find people who share my passion.  A lot happened, more than can be quickly shared here… and most of the stories I will save for my graphic novel about photobooths.
Here are some photos from just a few highlights. First are some photos from the arcade at Santa Monica Pier which as two chemical colour booths, Kory and I used one. Secondly is me posing inside the lovely (but not presently functioning) Model 11 booth that was on display at the convention. Another big highlight was the Photobooth pub crawl which Brian from organized. We rented a pub crawl bus and drove from bar to bar to visit their photobooths. We were an odd crowd to be on a pub crawl and that made it even more fun. The convention had a B&W and colour photobooth which were free for the public to use, so lastly, here are my keepsakes from the convention.

I’m in Montreal for a few more days, I’ve been here working on a couple projects but mainly I’ve been doing research for my graphic novel. I have three really exciting pieces of news that I’d love to share but will wait until they become more official/concrete. I’ll be posting more photobooth adventures in the coming days!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yes, that’s right, I leave for my photobooth expedition in just 3 short days and there’s much left to do. Mainly I’m finishing up the props for the animation I’ll be shooting in a photobooth at the Auto Photo warehouse.

I’ve neglected my blog as I’ve been tackling a tidal wave of work, mostly of the illustration sort. I’m so excited to go on this trip, I feel kinda stupid dizzy thinking about it. I feel so fortunate for this experience!

I’ve started sending out the perks from my IndieGoGo campaign, I’ve mailed 18 of 80 so I’ll have lots of stuff to attend to when I get back from my trip at the very end of May.

Here’s Hank helping me with a stack of mail ready to go out.