Sunday, August 31, 2014

CBC Radio Interview

I recently returned from two weeks in Nova Scotia where I had quite the magical trip, more on that later. On August 15th I was interviewed by Polly Leger for CBC Radio One in Halifax. We recorded it from within a photobooth and it's one of my favourite discussions I've had about the book so far. 

(I should note that the host mispronounced my first name, I'm pretty used to that. For the record it's pronounced "Megz" not "Meegs".)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Portfolio- Kinkonauts Posters

Back in the mid-2000s, when I was living in Calgary, I occasionally performed improv with the Kinkonauts. I have very fond memories of guesting with the long form ensemble.

A couple months ago I was contacted by one of the Kinkonauts, Owen, about making a poster to announce their new season and a template that they could use throughout the year.  

The company had already been using space-inspired designs for many years, so sticking with that theme we decided to infuse it with a retro, comic book look. I studied science fiction magazine covers from the 60s for inspiration. Then I mocked up three concepts.

They choose the second design (which was also my favourite) so I refined the sketch further and once they gave me the go-ahead, I sketched out the under-drawing on a large piece of paper.

Next I inked over the under-drawing using a lightboard, I did this in sections on multiple pieces of paper. 

In Photoshop I assembled the scanned inked drawings. In the early stages of the design process I presented the team with three palettes, (again they chose my favourite one) and so colouring was a breeze.  I also used the existing Kinkonauts logo as the alien woman's badge and their existing font for the heading.

Next I made six variations of the poster, each in a slightly different colour scheme, so the company can re-use the image for their whole season. I also made variations of the design for social media and to be made into buttons.

I really had fun with this project, it's not everyday that I get to draw aliens as part of my job. I hope that the Kinkonauts have a fabulous season of improv!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Following Photobooth: A Biography

It's hard to believe that it's already been three months since my book came out. I'm overwhelmed by the incredible positive response to Photobooth: A Biography. Nearly every day I receive a thoughtful comment online or an email from someone who's read the book. The two kinds of comments that delight me the most are:

1. someone telling me that it's the first graphic novel/ comic that they've ever read and 
2. that after reading it, they immediately went out to find a photobooth to use.

I've been touring the book to different events in Canada and the USA. You can follow those adventures on Twitter, @MeagsFitzgerald and on Facebook at my illustration page, Two Hands Two Crowns.

Reviews and interviews have also been coming out on a steady basis. Here's a list of links to those:
(List updated on August 31st)

Quill and Quire (in print only)
The Coast
Chronicle Herald 
CKUA ArtBeat
CBC Radio One
UPPERCASE (in print only)
Broken Pencil (in print only)
Geist (in print only)

If you'd like to buy Photobooth: A Biography, you can get a signed copy directly from me here. In North America, many local comic book shops are stocking it or will be able to order it for you. And in Canada it's also available at Chapters and Indigo. Many libraries are also beginning to carry it, if your local library doesn't have it, ask if they can get it in!

Next week I'll be in Nova Scotia for four books events, the details are here:

Stay tuned for some big news and reviews that will be coming out soon and for the fall tour dates!