Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Odds & Ends

For gifts this holiday, I was conveniently able to print some illustrations I made this fall, frame them and give them to some family members. In addition to illustrations I also crocheted this cowl for my sister. I’d never made a cowl before and I didn’t use a pattern. Meaning, I just made it up and crossed my fingers that the finished product would be wearable. Which, thankfully it is, though I would make some adjustments to my design if I were to make another one in the future.

I also altered a store-bought hoodie for my brother with a wintery knit fabric I bought. I lined the hood and made triangular pockets out of the patterned fabric. It took me much longer than I expected because I forgot that tension and the stretch factor are so finicky with knit fabrics.

In January, I’m going to start to crochet myself a blanket out of small diamond shaped pieces that I’ll assemble once all the small pieces are made (meaning 95% of it can be made in that dead-time that I ride the bus.) And with the absence of provincial sales tax in Alberta, I’m going to splurge on some nice wool yarns to take back with me while I’m still in Edmonton!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ambidextrous Song Search!

In August I finished my last Ambidextrous Drawing Lesson video, where I drew my Two Hands Two Crowns logo, you can see all the videos here. I haven’t been practicing writing and drawing with my right hand nearly has much since I have gone back to school…. but recently I thought of a new approach to the Ambidextrous Drawing Lessons that has peaked my interest again.

I’m going to do two handed drawings inspired by song lyrics. The edited videos will use the songs as their soundtracks. So, I’m looking for some catchy (but not overplayed) songs. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below. If I pick a song you recommended, you’ll get a little mention in the video!

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Portfolio How To

For my illustration class I needed to put together a PDF and physical portfolio and apply for illustration work. I have been trying to do more editorial work so I applied to freelance for a magazine out of Portland, Oregon. This is a little sample of what I sent them.

I spiral-bound a book with 25 pieces I made in 2011. I made a sleeve for the book and on the cover of the sleeve I inserted a postcard with my contact info. On the back of the sleeve I printed a repeated pattern of the Two Hands Two Crowns logo. And to top it off I hand-embroidered the postcard to give it a three dimensional effect.

And speaking of editorial illustration, I did my first piece for the Coast (Halifax’s free weekly magazine) this week. It’s out now so if you’re in Halifax, pick-up a copy and look for it amongst the short fiction!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sew Busy!


I’ve had a very busy December. I sacrificed my exercise routine and my regular sleep schedule to fit in more hours of work. Over the next week I’ll post a few updates on all the stuff I made in the last month.

To kick it off, this is a cocktail dress I made from a 1950s pattern in my Fashion Construction class. I plan on wearing it for my holiday festivities… and today being the Winter Solstice (my family’s holiday of choice,) I’ll be sporting this dress tonight. I also designed/made some clothes as gifts for my siblings, which I can post after we’ve opened our presents tonight!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't Worry...

I've never posted work by other artists on this blog before, reserving it for things I've made. However, as I'm in the last stretch of this semester and stress is seeping from my pores (a great mental image, I know), I thought I would post this image that has kept me going.

It's by UK illustrator/designer Olly Moss.