Friday, December 23, 2011

My Portfolio How To

For my illustration class I needed to put together a PDF and physical portfolio and apply for illustration work. I have been trying to do more editorial work so I applied to freelance for a magazine out of Portland, Oregon. This is a little sample of what I sent them.

I spiral-bound a book with 25 pieces I made in 2011. I made a sleeve for the book and on the cover of the sleeve I inserted a postcard with my contact info. On the back of the sleeve I printed a repeated pattern of the Two Hands Two Crowns logo. And to top it off I hand-embroidered the postcard to give it a three dimensional effect.

And speaking of editorial illustration, I did my first piece for the Coast (Halifax’s free weekly magazine) this week. It’s out now so if you’re in Halifax, pick-up a copy and look for it amongst the short fiction!

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