Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ambidextrous Song Search!

In August I finished my last Ambidextrous Drawing Lesson video, where I drew my Two Hands Two Crowns logo, you can see all the videos here. I haven’t been practicing writing and drawing with my right hand nearly has much since I have gone back to school…. but recently I thought of a new approach to the Ambidextrous Drawing Lessons that has peaked my interest again.

I’m going to do two handed drawings inspired by song lyrics. The edited videos will use the songs as their soundtracks. So, I’m looking for some catchy (but not overplayed) songs. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below. If I pick a song you recommended, you’ll get a little mention in the video!


  1. Wishful Thinking (The Ditty Bops)
    Little Yellow Spider (Devendra Banhart)

  2. These Old Shoes - Deer Tick

  3. Just to keep everything in one spot, on facebook, Bree B suggested Birthday by the Sugarcubes and Ryan D suggested No More Hotdogs by Hasil Adkins.