Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cameras, Collecting & Chicago

Where to start?

Well, I arrived in Chicago almost two weeks ago and it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Finally things are starting to level out. I’ve got a good sense for the city and I’m starting to carve out a routine. Personally, it's been so nice to see some old friends here and I've had a lot of support, particularly from the improv community with settling in for these few  months. I’ve spent most of my time at A&A Studios, where I’m doing an internship. I’m helping out with a few projects at the studio, while still doing my regular illustration/ design jobs for Canadian clients. The studio is the perfect backdrop to work on my graphic novel, it's filled with inspiration- gems from bygones eras, analogue technology and smatterings of little collections everywhere.

Anthony, the President of A&A has let me loose on a beautiful Model 11 they have in the showroom. He put colour paper and chemicals in the machine for my visit. I’ve used a lot of colour machines that have been converted to B&W but never the other way around before, so it’s been a nice treat. I’ve been experimenting with the exposure, filters, acetates, magnifying plastic, mirrors and backgrounds. You can see a selection of my shots at my flickr.

Originally the plan was that Anthony would teach me how to service a chemical photobooth, the plan has since evolved so that together we'll re-build one. It’ll be the best way for me to learn the ins and outs of these machines. This is the booth we are starting with, there’s not much there and I’m sure I will get very messy figuring this thing out.  I have no doubt that it’ll make interesting content for my book.

Speaking of the book, I’m happy to say that Julia Caron has signed on as my editor. Julia is the journalist who produced the CBC Radio story about photobooths in the spring.  She is an excellent writer and we know from the radio story that we work well together. 

And lastly, I’ve got some fun news to share but I should keep my lips sealed for another few days as the last details are finalized. But for the sake of intrigue I'll tell you that it involves a plane ride, an all-nighter, a couple of photobooths and probably some kissing too.

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  1. these photos are amazing! i want to climb into them and play with everything! fantastic. and i feel so spoiled to have been mentionned... i have high hopes for our collaboration and your wonderful project. i feel so lucky to be involved in any way!