Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shooting a Short at Toronto's Nuit Blanche

A few weeks ago I was approached by Tyler MacIntyre, a filmmaker out of Los Angeles that I worked with in 2007.  His latest project is a short film that uses Toronto’s Nuit Blanche as the backdrop. He’s cast me as the female lead, in part because of my improv background (the dialogue is improvised) and in part for my knowledge of photobooths, as they are central to the film’s plot. I’m really excited to be a collaborator on this project! Along with Tyler as the director, I will also get to work with Mike McLaughlin, a cinematographer based in Toronto/ Edmonton and Colby Cseke, an actor from Calgary. 

I fly to Toronto this Thursday and we shoot over the weekend. I’ve also never been to Nuit Blanche (only to Halifax’s much smaller event, Nocturne,) so I’m excited to partake in this massive event. This project will be a refreshing creative outlet for me and I also think that it’ll be a fun tidbit for my book.  I haven’t acted in front of a camera since 2007, so I have some butterflies in my stomach. Here is a production still and a poster from the 2007 short film, Sleepless, directed by Mike McLaughlin.

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