Monday, April 9, 2012

Photobooth Expedition Tote Bag Update

Yesterday I silkscreened the tests for the photobooth tote bags I'm giving to people who donate $30 or more to my campaign. I had designed the pattern a few weeks ago (knowing that they would be a perk for my campaign) but I hadn't got a chance until yesterday to test out the pattern.

The colour I mixed came out more sunflower then mustard when it dried, but that's why it's a test. I printed it on cotton but the actual bags will be printed on bleached canvas. I bought 12 meters of it last weekend, I have a dizzying number of hours printing ahead of me.

I originally planned on making 30 bags, but because of time restraints I think I will only be able to make 20 (17 are already claimed on the Photobooth Expedition.) I'm excited to start printing the actual totes this Friday and sew them after I finish my classes later in the month.

I'm very please to say that I've raised 125% of my goal, the campaign is still on for another 15 days so I'd like to raise as many funds as possible in the next two weeks, as anything I raise from now will go to costs associated with producing the graphic novel. If you want to one of the three remaining tote bags to be yours, you can donate at!

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