Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photobooth Expedition Mail Art Update

My campaign ends in 2 and half days so I’ve been prepping all my perks! I made these tiny fabric envelopes out of colourful cottons that I test printed my airmail pattern on. I’ve addressed the first letter to myself because I’m curious how the envelope will hold up after going through the postal system. To seal the envelope I’m going to baste stitch a seam in a matching colour of embroidery thread that the recipient will have to snip to open. I’ve also crazy-glued the stamp on so it doesn’t fall off along the way.

The $200 perk for my campaign is to receive mail art for every month for the year. I think I will send out the first month’s letters in these fabric envelopes. As an extra incentive to new donors, I will also send a letter in a fabric envelope to the first 3 people who donate $15 or more. They’ll receive this in addition to their regular perk! Go here to donate

Thinking about the Mail Art for One Year perk, I also started to organize my airmail collection and thinking about the envelopes I’ll be using.


  1. Very cool idea. Any chance I could buy one?

    1. I'll send one to you along with your package as a thanks for promoting my campaign on your site!

    2. How exciting! THANKS!!