Monday, April 9, 2012

Photobooth Expedition Postcard Update

Today I made three postcard designs. The themes I decided to work with were vintage, found and travel. I started by going through some collage materials like paper scraps, envelopes, old postcards and so on. I really enjoy collaging but I knew I wanted different levels of opacity in these, so instead of physically cutting and pasting, I scanned in all my materials and played around with them digitally, staying true to their original scale and properties.

The first postcard is a combination of four vintage photobooth pictures I bought online and a vintage postcard of Jasper National Park that I got at a flea market ages ago.

The second postcard is of three photostrips I'd found over the course of a few years and a piece of polka dot fabric. If you're interested in found photos, last year I wrote a series of short fiction based on the found photobooth pictures in my collection.

Lastly, is a postcard inspired by my travels. It features a strip I took in Berlin and the signage from that booth and operational instructions I had photographed in the inside of a booth in Sydney. The instructions are translated in 5 languages (!) so I liked the idea of using the three languages of the airmail envelope.

As an extra special perk, whoever donates in the next 24 hours (ending at 12 AM Atlantic time, Tuesday) will receive all three postcards with blank back sides. All donors, regardless of the size of donation will receive this perk. Visit the campaign here to become a donor.

(Please note that you won't be able to select this on IndieGoGo, I'll just be keeping track of it myself.)

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