Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anything but Idle Hands

In the last few weeks I’ve been crocheting-away at the blanket I’m working on. However I encountered two hurdles, firstly I misplaced my 6mm hook and both yarn stores in the city were sold out, so I took an involuntarily two week break from the blanket. (I did eventually buy a new hook and then found my old one immediately afterwards.) Secondly, the Halifax Transit service has been on strike for the last ten days meaning I don’t have that time during bus rides to work on it and more generally I have less free time now that I’m walking everywhere.

All this brings me to say that I’m actually going to put the whole blanket project on hold. I recently accepted an invitation to participate in an exhibition at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto that runs from April 21 to July 15. The exhibition theme is the exploration of Canadiana through craft mediums. I have a piece in mind I’ll be making especially for the show, and you may have guessed it, it will be crocheted. I’ll be using Canadian wool to make a three dimensional form which will be shown in a display case. I don’t want to say too much more about the piece but I’ll definitely blog about the finished work.

Here is a picture of about half of the blanket triangles I was able to get done.


  1. Meags, I LOVE that blanket-to-be. I've never seen triangles, I don't think. Great colours, too. Whole thing. Awesome. I want to get pregnant so that you are forced to give it to me as a baby gift. (That's the only way I can think of getting that blanket) (You would totally be forced)

  2. You are right, I would totally be forced to make you a baby blanket in the event of your pregnancy. HOWEVER I do not advise that you become pregnant for this sole reason, UNLESS you want to swap a baby for a blanket, in which I would totally take your baby and raise it with care.