Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hibernation Activity

I’ve started crocheting a blanket out of the yarn I bought while I was in Edmonton for the winter break. I hope to finish it this semester in all those pockets of “dead time” in waiting rooms or on bus rides. I've never embarked on such a large piece before but I’ve broken it up into tiny triangle sections to make it easy to work on while I’m on the go.

I chose the colours because of their wintery-palette and I think the finished product will fit in with my bedroom.

I’m not using a blanket pattern but instead have taken inspiration from this print I saw on Etsy, it’s by the shop Two Ems. And as far as technique goes, its about as simple as it gets, I'll be single-crocheting the entire thing. Check back in a couple of months for a progress report!

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