Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Hands, Two Crowns, Two Tattoos

A week ago today I visited the private studio of Lydia Stalingrad, formally of Utility Tattoo here in Halifax. My very wonderful friend Krista Leger, who has two tattoos herself came with me to tell me distracting stories, take some photos and calm the anxiety of a tattoo newbie. (All the photos here were taken by her.) I first thought of getting these tattoos exactly two years ago when I was staying in a cabin in Northern Saskatchewan, I started working on the designs then and last week I was finally ready to make the commitment.

On a technical note for tattoo geeks out there, getting the tattoo on my dominate arm (left) hurt noticeably more than the one on my right arm. However, my left tattoo has being healing very fast whereas my right arm was bruised and swollen in the following days.

My motivations for getting the tattoos are a combination of being too personal to share + probably boring to other people so I won’t go into the reasoning here. Though, yes it does relate to my company name Two Hands Two Crowns.

I got these in one sitting so I'll be going back for tiny touch-ups once they're healed. I'll probably post photos of the finished products in four or five weeks time. I’m quite pleased and excited for them to be all healed up!


  1. very cool, Meags! I like them! Also, you have really nice arms!

    1. Haha, thanks Lisa, I keep my arms in shape by carrying two heavy bags of groceries home at least once a week.