Sunday, January 9, 2011

The times are a changin’

Well, after an exciting whirlwind of projects, holiday festivities and a 5000km move across the country, I’m finally ready to dust off the blog. On a personal note the holidays were a very exciting time, I was in Edmonton with my parents and one brother and got to see my sister and bro-inlaw who live in Montreal, my brother who lives in Scotland and my sister and her family who live in Japan. I also made a quick trip to Saskatoon to say hellos and goodbyes to family out there.

On the professional front, my new website and product line, Two Hands Two Crowns will be ready this month. Stay tuned for a contest giveaway I’ll be hosting on the blog to coincide with the launch. I also had pieces in Love and Money (see the post below), I was happy to sell three of my five pieces and additionally I was privately commissioned for two more pieces. To the right is a picture of the ten dollar bill once it was hung. Again, it was a pleasure to work with the lovely ladies in the Toronto craft scene, so my many thanks so all the City of Craft organizers!

In December I was very flattered and excited when I was asked to contribute to a book that is being published on photobooth art. (As the book is still in its early stages I won’t go into any details quite yet.) In the small window of time I had between the holidays, the stomach flu and the move I executed a new piece for the book in a black and white booth. This was done with much help from my mother and brother who didn’t complain for the whole hour and a half that they stood outside the booth (my brother patiently holding the storyboard and my mother endlessly feeding loonies into the machine.) I won’t post the finished piece here as it’s reserved for the book but as a teaser I’ve posted this one frame and will say that afterwards I was covered in bruises.

The biggest change though, by far, has to be my recent move to Halifax. I’m still getting set up in my very cosy and lovely home with lots of help from my roommate. The house was built after the Halifax Explosion in 1917, and being the historical appreciator that I am, I feel very content in this home and neighboorhood. I live a few minutes walk from some lovely little coffee shops and a yarn store! I’m in awe by a city where you can walk from one end to the other in an hour.

I’ve also had a good response to the Photobooth Drawing Swap, I’m waiting for a few more pieces to come in the mail and I’ll post scans of what I’ve sent and what I’ve received (with permission of the senders, of course.) As I have just moved, you can email me at to ask for my address if you would like to participate!

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  1. So glad that you are loving Halifax! Mason and I lived there for three years and rode our bikes or walked everywhere. I really miss that now that I live in urban sprawl with no public transportation.

    Check our the Dandelion Cafe and the Coburg Coffee House, if you haven't already.

    Kristine Cash