Monday, January 24, 2011

Living List to List

I’ve been chipping away at a mountain of work. And though I’ve been working 14 hour days on various projects I haven't completed much. As of right now, I may not have a lot of finished pieces to show for all these hours but I do have a wastebasket full of checked-off daily to-do lists.

Some people have religion, I have lists. I believe they are the most efficient way to manage daily and long-term goals, nevermind being a fun categorical tool! My personal touch when making To-Do lists is two columns of check boxes. The left column is to be checked off once the item has been started and the right column for when it’s finished, to convey the maximum accuracy of your progress!

Though of course, not all lists have to be To-Do lists. They are, most definitely an unrated creative form. I have a few book projects in the works write now and when I can’t find 30 minutes in a day for creative writing I try to at least write a list to get some ideas out. Here are two pretty standard lists (as far as subject matter goes). I will post more (perhaps crazier ones!) in the upcoming days while I chip away at my mountain.

-to be perfectly ambidextrous
-flawless French
-basic carpentry
-the names and appearances of about 50 fonts
-advanced carpentry
-how to swim
-how to service a wet chemical photobooth
-how to play the guitar enough to justify owning a guitar
-how to dance, cool

-When I was a hockey fan and occasionally wore my dad’s oversized Guy Lafleur jersey to school.
-The time I learnt everything I could about all the Canadian Prime Ministers with certainty that the knowledge would come in very handy, all the time.
-When everything I owned had to be Anime, no, really, EVERYTHING.
-When my fashion philosophy only had room for black, white, and red clothing, preferably striped garments featuring diagrams of the human heart
-When I wanted to be a writer and titled my first finished novel “Determined Destiny”
-That time I bought a guitar
-When I used Sailor Moon as inspiration for how to style my bangs

The image of my magnet board features magnets from the Regional Assembly of Text in Vancouver, a very fine store indeed.


  1. Sailor Moon is still inspirational!

  2. can we please see a proof of this one?
    -When my fashion philosophy only had room for black, white, and red clothing, preferably striped garments featuring diagrams of the human heart

    I've done it in few seconds, I deserve it now :D

  3. Ah yes, I remember most of these phases and they still make me laugh until I vomit.

    Oh and I'm crazy about lists! They aren't as organized as your's but I keep all my notebooks (yes, even the ones you deem too pretty to be used for lists).

  4. double check box. you have changed my life.

  5. Do you have a list of lists-to-make? How about a grand list of your already-generated,classified, and stored lists? Could you send all your emails to me in list format? I really like lists too.

  6. Meags, I never knew you had an anime phase. Wow. I now have an entirely different understanding of you. :)
    Also, speaking of lists, are you familiar with Umberto Eco's project "The Infinity of Lists"? He curated an exhibit at the Louvre, and there's a really interesting and gorgeous book to be had, as well.
    Oh, my goodness, this is unrelated, but the plum and almond trees out my studio window are blossoming, and it's so lovely... how is Halifax this time of year? Is the city treating you well? I hear such great things about it.