Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Year of Mail Art - January + February

Admittedly, it was tricky to get January's Mail Art out. I was still recovering from surgery and was in a bit of a post-holiday lull. Unfortunately I didn't take great documentation of January's pieces, but the theme(s) were Old and New. Within the main envelope were two smaller envelopes, one new and the other old and tattered. Inside each were a set of drawings; the New envelope containing drawings of things when they were young and the Old envelope with drawings of how they've aged.

And per usual, I included  two puzzle pieces and the series of letters on the back of the envelope (which, with all twelve months and the arrangement key, spell a secret message.)

At the start of this month, feeling more up to it, I had fun putting together February's Mail Art. The theme was Hearts & Arrows, but I decided to take a non-romantic approach to this Valentine's Day related idea. I used some new air mail envelopes I bought online from Thailand and put together a little booklet of watercolour paintings and made a word search puzzle.

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