Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Days and Counting until Photobooth Expedition!

My Photobooth Expedition IndieGoGo Campaign will launch in just one and half short days so I’m working away on the donor’s perks. I’ve silkscreened about 12 meters of my airmail design on different fabrics. Today I sewed the first one into a cushion. Hank was very eager to be part of the photoshoot. (Actually, he just wouldn’t stop playing with the wrist strap attached to my camera.)

Also! I’ve been helping CBC Radio Quebec with a story about photobooths and it will air tomorrow morning, Tuesday the 27th! It will play live at 7:15 AM EST time on the Quebec station (anyone can listen to it live online by adjusting their region) or you can listen to it on their website, any time after it initially broadcasts. You can also visit their facebook page to see the images that go along with the story, I haven’t heard it yet and I’m a healthy melange of excited and nervous about it!

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  1. Wow - what a great design! I want one. What do I need to do?