Friday, March 2, 2012

Next Photobooth Animation in the Works

In 2010 myself and friend, Pamela Norrish made Coast to Coast to Coast, a stop motion animation shot entirely in a photobooth. Ever since then I’ve been planning my next photobooth animation and very slowly working away on it.

Shooting a short film in a photobooth has many challenges, among them include the space issue (you have to fit a couple people, puppets and props into a small booth), the timing issue (with 2.5 seconds between frames), the cost issue (it works out to a $1 per shot) and the public issue (using a booth in a mall or bus depot means you’re dealing with curious passer-bys.)

Additionally, Halifax only has three photobooths and they’re serviced by the owner of the booths himself so the quality of the photos are often inconsistent or they’re just plain out-of-order. So, for this next animation I dream of going to Montreal and shooting in the city with the most photobooths per capita.

I’ve just finished the main costumes for the animation. The Whyte Bull head is constructed from fabric I silkscreened and the Commonplace Bull head is entirely crocheted, I also silkscreened a celestial background. I took a set of test strips with both heads and I’m pretty happy with the results. I still have to make a few more puppets and props but the bulk of the construction work is done. I hope to shoot the animation this summer!

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