Wednesday, August 1, 2012

European Photobooth Expedition Half Over

I've been in Europe now for 15 days and have 9 more to go. I've been busy following photobooth breadcrumbs in Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. Tomorrow I head to Nimes and then later to a few spots in Italy. As I have been interviewing people I've uncovered new leads and wishing that I had more than five days in Italy, as a large part of photobooth history is routed there. Hopefully I can break through the language barrier and make the most of it, I won't have anytime to play tourist.

When I get back to Halifax, I'll do a huge write up for my blog and's blog... so details of my adventures will have to wait.  

I'm here in a refurbished and functional chemical booth by Fotoautomat France, which can be found at Forum des Images in Paris.

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