Monday, July 9, 2012

Souvenirs from Newfoundland

I've been in Newfoundland for a week now and I'm sure happy I came. The history of this province is sure amazing, and seeing as how they only joined Confederation in 1949, their ties to England and Ireland are stronger here than anywhere else in Canada. I'm a sucker for anything vintage with the British royal family on it and it's no surprise that I love the postal system - so naturally I instantly fell in love with these stamps! They are from 1949 and earlier, when the province was still the Republic of Newfoundland. I bought two packs, one of used stamps and another in mint condition. My heart melts for these things. I'm going antiquing in St. John's today, with any luck my heart will be a soupy mess in the bottom of my chest by the end of the day.

Krista Leger took this photo for me last year when she was helping me document some of my collections for a blog I was contributing to. I didn't buy these in NFLD, they're just evidence of my love for royal family memorabilia. (This photo is of George V, Edward VIII, George VI + Queen Mother and Elizabeth II.)

I also stumbled on this amazing shop, Our Humble Abode. It's filled with mostly goods for the home, some of which are made by local artists. I bought this mug to add to my collection of "cups-I-like-too-much-to-drink-out-of-so-I keep-pens-in-them-instead."

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