Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year of Mail Art - June

One of the perks of my Photobooth Expedition IndieGoGo campaign was to receive a year of Mail Art. Four people are receiving this perk, so in the first week of every month until next May I'll be putting together little themed packages filled with drawings, poems, photos, etc.

There are also two puzzles that span the year. The first is a large drawing I did and cut up into 24 pieces and the second are letters on the back of every envelope that once I give the recipients the key on the last month, they can arrange to spell out the secret message.

I'll share the contents of the previous month's Mail Arts every month here on the blog. Unfortunately in June I forgot to photograph all of the contents before I sealed the envelopes. These drawings were included as well as a photobooth picture and a letter written on my typewriter. Below shows this month's puzzle pieces. The theme was "Summer Treats."

This week, I also bought these beautiful $2 stamps and some vintage envelopes off Etsy that haven't arrived yet. I calculated that since December 2011 I have now sent about 205 pieces of mail.  My collection of vintage envelopes has grown so much that to justify having them I should probably send another 205 before the year is out. 

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