Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writing Right: Investigating Genetics

Recently in the mail, I was happy to receive a handwritten letter and mix CD from my brother in Scotland. I don’t think he would be offended by me saying that he has brutal penmanship. When deciphering his thoughtful letter I realized that by now my right hand is probably neater than his right hand (and he is right handed). As a little experiment, I’ve re-written sections of my brother’s letter with my right hand at my quickest and most natural pace. What do you think about the differences?

This has got me thinking about sampling my other family members for their handwriting. My parents, two sisters, two brothers and I all have very different printing but I have a new hypothesis that my right hand printing (with probably another six months practice) will resemble theirs more than my current left hand printing. I’m conjuring up some new experiments to go along with my daily writing lessons and suggestions are welcome!


  1. very cool experiment! My sister and I used to have the same writing when we were in high school, but now we've both diverged. Your right hand is getting pretty neat! Are you timing yourself as well to see how quickly you can write a passage?

  2. I got a dinosaur from Kieran. I want some tunes!

    Also, I would like to see you beat my printing. It's exceptional.