Sunday, March 20, 2011

FOUND Photobooth, week 3

I found this photo in the City Centre mall in Edmonton during the summer of 2005. Unlike the other photos in the series, I was there while these photos were taken and so myself and a friend are also characters in the story. This is what I see:

Marco and Amanda had being going out for almost 3 months but they had known each other for years. Marco was school friends with Amanda’s oldest brother. Marco had always dated women who were at least five years younger than him, this trend however went unnoticed by Marco. He was in fact, unaware of many of his tendencies. In high school he wore a large backpack on the bus that would swing into the faces of seated people. On elevators he stands unmoving in the exact middle, forcing others to awkwardly manoeuvre around him. He believes in Heaven, he believes in soccer, he believes fatherhood is the most important thing a man can do with his life.

The couple had just watched The Dukes of Hazzard, starring Jessica Simpson and decided to use the photobooth near the cinema. Amanda was not impressed to find two teenaged girls in the booth with clothing and props scattered everywhere.

“What’s happening in here girls? A fashion show?” She chortled.

The girls, slightly embarrassed cleared the booth and continued to plan their next costumed photostrip a few feet away, near the garbage bin.

Amanda sat on Marco’s lap as they flirted and posed their way through four flashes. They teased each other as the photos were mechanically dipped in and out of various chemicals. Three minutes later Marco spotted and grabbed the developed photos behind Amanda’s back. In a split second he did a quick assessment of the candid photos, guarding them from his girlfriend. Marco abruptly ripped the third photo out from the strip, tore it into six tiny pieces and threw the fragments into the garbage bin, the pictures not even dry yet.

Amanda pestered him, “I want to see! I want to see! Why’d you do that?!”

Marco disdainfully replied, “My eyes were closed.”

“Oh.” She replied, understanding that this was a normal thing to do.

Once out of earshot, the brown haired teenager said to the blonde teenager, “Can I have it?”
Her friend had who had the same impulse to retrieve it, replied “Yes.”

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