Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Improv Camp earns title of “Best Camp Ever” for its eighth consecutive year!

This August Improv Camp moved from our home of seven years in Regina to the scenic and lush Gambier Island, a short ferry ride away from Vancouver. I think the new environment was responsible for surging extra energy into staff and campers alike. It seems dull to bring up the weather, but really it is noteworthy. It was beautiful for the eight days, which makes all the difference when most of your programming revolves around outdoor activities. There were so many highs for the week that I’m flummoxed as where to start. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean, eating the most delicious food and being able to ramble on about improv history without boring people all made it a great experience. I really enjoyed the ensemble I worked with, the Boal ensemble (named after the late, great, Augusto Boal). My teaching muscles were still warm from camp in Australia so I found it really easy to bond with my ensemble. I was especially proud of their evening performances and got lots of great feedback as to their skills from other staff. The staff are a whole other jar of rainbows. Most of the counsellor & trainer teams included friends that I made at Improv Camp in 2003, my first year there. I look forward to seeing them every year and hold them dear to my heart. As usual, there were new staff members too, these are people that I’ve added on to my list of “new lifelong friends”. I may sound like I’m gushing all over the place here, but really, it’s the best camp ever.

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