Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Improv Camp, Down Under!

I went to Sydney Australia for two weeks this July. For five days of those two weeks myself and a team of Canadian improvisers were teaching at the first ever Improv Camp Australia. In the eight years that Improv Camp has existed we had become very comfortable with the dusty landscapes and endless horizons of southern Saskatchewan. Our cabins could best be described as well loved, or decrepit. Point Wolstoncroft, the retreat location where the Australian camp was held was nothing short of paradise, complete with exotic plants & animals and pretty much, all you could eat food. Despite the fact that it was their winter, the weather was very agreeable, in fact, it was nicer there than back home in Edmonton.

In so far as teaching goes, it was very different from our Canadian camp. Most campers didn’t have previous improv experience and few of them knew each other. Over the years in Canada, camp has become an annual reunion of sorts, for campers and staff alike. There were some growing pains, as to be expected with anything in its infancy. But through and through the campers were interested and for the most part really keen on this improv thing we were talking about. We received favourable reviews and have been invited back for next July for a bigger and better camp.

I had some time in Sydney to myself after the camp, it seemed to be a cross between Miami and London, and I say that never having visited either of those cities. I was surprised at the architecture and how old the city is. Perhaps it’s because I’m from another one of the Queen’s colonies, but I thought that the city seemed very liveable. Aside from specific areas, such as Manly Beach (see photo) the city wasn’t all that touristy either.

And after much hard work, I did also manage to find both a colour and black & white photobooth in Glebe. I promptly sent in photos of the booths and sample strips to Brian at He replied with the most grateful email I've ever received.

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