Friday, April 11, 2014

Pages from Photobooth: A Biography

Here are a couple spreads from Photobooth: A Biography! And you can check out the new website for the book here, where you'll be able to order signed and personally inscribed copies starting on May 1st. 

Copyright 2014 M.W. Fitzgerald

Copyright 2014 M.W. Fitzgerald


  1. why are there no comments ?? just finished reading the book (the last half in a single sitting) and it is brilliant. kudos to you for finding a way to combine your passions and put something new out into the world. i have no real affinity for photobooths, but your tale of obsolescing technology struck a cord with me, seeing as i still lug around boxes of cassettes, vinyl records, dozens of longboxes of floppy comics, and mix cd's (that comment about collecting within your living arrangements is oh so true !). i keep thinking that one day i will find a way to blend all those elements into some kind of presentable story myself, but alas, i do not have your storytelling talent (as i learned during my few months at film school). best of luck in your future projects - i will keep my eye out for them in the Diamonds Previews !

    1. Hey thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book!

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