Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Montreal's Expozine past weekend was Expozine, a fair for indie and small press books, zines and prints. It was my first time at the event and I had fantastic time. I met so many great people and got to talk non-stop about my two favourite subjects: photobooths and comics. I even got to meet four other photobooth fans in person! 

I decided not to sell any of my own merchandise, instead I helped out at the Conundrum Press table. We put up a sign to promote my book's debut in May, which ended up being a great conversation starter (even if some people picked it up and mistook it for being a very large yet weightless book.)

The experience was very motivating! I still have many hours left of illustrating to go before Photobooth: A Biography is finished and Expozine was just the pick me up I needed. 

This photo was taken before the doors opened, it's misleading because the event was actually packed to the brim with attendees. I'm here with Dakota McFadzean, who's book Other Stories and the Horse You Rode In On launched this weekend. Photo by the mastermind behind Conundrum, Andy Brown.

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  1. I like Dakota's book title! Also, can't wait for May!