Saturday, June 15, 2013

Drawing is Good For You

I've been busy working on my graphic novel but I still have time built into my schedule to work on illustration and design jobs. Here are pieces from some recent jobs.

First up, I did a tshirt design and the website graphics for Wormbug, a short film made by Arlen Konopaki. The film is dark with a surreal twist, which, inspiration-wise, was a fun change for me.

Next up, I made a logo and a few graphics for a new improv company starting up on the east coast.

And lastly, I made this poster for a series of shows at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. Their season is baseball themed and while drawing this I realized that it was the first time I had ever drawn anything sports related and only the second time I've ever drawn dogs. (The first time was for another job for Bad Dog.) The black frame is their design.

I'm working on a few really fun jobs right now, some of which will be ready for the end of June, stay tuned!

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