Friday, March 8, 2013

On the Up-And-Up with UPPERCASE

I got a really exciting email a few days ago that perked me right up! I'm delighted to say that I'll be one of the one hundred illustrators in UPPERCASE's book Work/Life 3! UPPERCASE produces a consistently amazing quarterly magazine for "the creative and the curious."(Really, if you are a designer, artist, crafter or appreciator of fine and interesting things, you should pick up a copy of UPPERCASE.)

Here is the most recent issue of the magazine. UPPERCASE has published a handful of stunning books on a variety of subjects, including two previous books on the theme of work/life, each featuring 100 artists. (Below are their covers, the one on the left is by Darren Booth and the one on the right by Alyssa Nassner.)

Work/Life 3 is a very unique publication, unlike other illustrator directories, each artist gets a spread and an article about them. Interestingly, the other participants and myself were asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about our work/life relationships. Based on our answers, a custom illustration assignment is made for each person. Each of us will make a new piece in response to the assignment for publication in the book. I really love that this is a collaborative process and I'm so thrilled to be included amongst these very talented illustrators. The previous books featured some of my favourite illustrators, including Renata Liwska and Camilla Engman.

 Here's a video of Work/Life 2, it gives you a good sense of what this book might be like.

I haven't received my assignment yet, but I'm very excited to get started on this piece. The book comes out in August and will be available online and at select stores. It also will be sent to various art directors and companies on the behalf of the participants. I'm excited for the finished product and to see what all the illustrators have made!

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  1. Looks fantastic Meags. Congratulations. I think you should get up close and cozy with Darren. "Mrs Booth" would be the perfect name for you!!

    The links are great. I can see why you love Renata and Camilla's work.