Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Year of Birthdays!

Last year for the 2011/12 holidays I illustrated two postcards and sent over one hundred of them to friends all over the world. I was happy to have done it but what I didn't consider was how much time it would take to collect everyone's addresses and write out dozens of personalized messages, during final exams nonetheless.

So, this year I've come up with a new way of sending a little bit of love through the mail. Instead of sending postcards for the holidays, I'm going to do birthdays! Since January 2012 I've been saving those email notifications that facebook sends out to tell you which of your friends are celebrating their birthdays that week. I've been keeping track of them in a little calendar at the back of my address book. My plan is to set some time aside every Sunday and write out postcards for upcoming birthdays.

I illustrated this card today and I plan on making a couple more birthday specific ones. I'm already a little behind on January birthdays so I have to get a batch of these printed pronto! If you'd like to receive a postcard from me and you're not sure if I have your address or not, email me at meagsfitzgerald[at]gmail.com.

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