Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drawing Factory

Last week Picnicface’s Canada was released in bookstores across Canada and I final got to see my drawings in print! I did these illustrations in February but I wasn’t able to show anyone, so it feels new and exciting. The book also happens to be hilarious, and a good gift idea for comedy lovers, but maybe not for historians.

And speaking of illustrations, during the last two weeks I’ve converted my bedroom into a drawing making factory. I’ve been very productive and made a few new pieces I’m really happy with… however I’m not quite ready to share them yet.

In the meanwhile I thought I’d complete this survey that’s been going around some blogs. I’m such a stickler for lists!

♥ buying.... this necklace! I bought it two weeks ago on Etsy from Noble Town Vintage and I’m waiting for its arrival.

♥ reading… just finished Hark A Vagrant! by Kate Beaton and just started Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli.

♥ listening... still in the Halloween spirit I’ve been listening to Youth Lagoon and Dead Man’s Bones (check out this song).

♥ going... to the Strange Adventures afterparty for Hal-Con (Halifax’s sci-fi & comic convention).

♥ eating... veggie, gourmet sloppy joes and homemade cookies.

♥ watching... I’ve had a Philip Seymour Hoffman long-weekend. I watched Synecdoche, New York on Friday, Doubt last night and Capote tonight or tomorrow.

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