Saturday, September 17, 2011

June 23, 2003

June 23rd 2003 was not an especially important day. It was however the last day of the school year so friend, Emily Davidson (the mastermind behind Make Work Design) and I decided to commemorate the occasion with a trip to a photobooth in downtown Edmonton. Years later, we are still commemorating it. You see, though I’d visited photobooths a few times before this, these photos inspired me to start my collection and start my quest for photobooth related knowledge.

The following year Emily and I realized the role these pictures had in my collection (which back then was maybe 75 single photos), we decided it would be fun to try to re-take them. So, on June 23rd 2004 we awkwardly struck the same poses in the same booth.

In 2005 Emily moved to Halifax and I moved to Calgary. We started taking our June 23rd photos in December when we both were home for winter break. There have been a few anniversaries when our lives didn’t intersect and we took the photos separately and then sent the other person’s half in the mail.

And as the story goes, at the start of 2011 I moved to Halifax, where Emily still lives. And so, our high school spirits continue to be memorialized.

The photos here are my half of the June 23rd series, Emily’s half are of us as enacting a scene from a horror film and us with big smiles.


  1. this is ridiculously adorable and really makes me want to be friends with you two.