Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writing Right: Four Months In and Feeling Great

May was an utterly wonderful month in many respects, I was more diligent than usual with my right handed exercises and I’m proud to say that I had a real ambidextrous breakthrough moment. About two weeks ago I sat down to sketch out an idea, I started drawing and after a while thought “why does this sketch look so shitty?” and then realized I was drawing with my right hand! I hadn’t consciously picked up the pencil with my opposite hand but I think it’s a good sign that it felt so natural to do it.

The Ambidextrous Drawing video for June is ready (click on image to link to vimeo). I can tell I have improved a lot but I don’t think the differences between video 4 and 5 are that noticeable, truthfully I think my hands got camera shy when shooting this. Next month I’ll be recording my 6th video and will put together a clip showing the drawing from each month so you can see the progress in one place. Stay tuned!

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