Saturday, April 2, 2011

Writing Right: Two Months In!

Well, I’ve been perfecting the dexterity of my right hand for two months now. And, I have to admit, the novelty of the project is starting to wear off as my skills have plateaued. My penmanship and speed certainly have improved but consistency with the shapes of my letters and developing a personal style are still months and months away.

I also have to admit that I missed my daily lessons on more than a few occasions towards the end of March. I have been busy! I was judging at the Nova Scotia Canadian Improv Games tournament, taking Two Hands Two Crowns special orders and doing illustrations for Picnicface’s book being published by HarperCollins this autumn. I’ve also been working on an EXCITING TOP SECRET PROJECT that hopefully will be ready to share online by mid-May.

Here’s the latest ambidextrous drawing video (this one is edited down two minutes and has music to go with it, so hopefully it is not as dry as the first two.)

Any advice on how to rekindle my relationship with my right hand?


  1. More details about the top secret project please! And nice one on getting published by HarperCollins!

  2. Use your right hand for EVERYTHING. Like brushing your teeth or hair. I was naturally ambidextrious and then had to relearn it when I injured my hand.

  3. Lisa, secrets are called secrets for a reason.

    Aimee, I do occasionally force myself to use my right hand when using a fork or spoon but it takes SO LONG. I should try a few right hand only days, but only if I have tons of free time and endless amounts of patience.